About Warren Roofing

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our new roofs and re-roofs with a five-year workmanship guarantee and offer some of the best manufacturer warranties in the industry.

We are Certified Contractors with GAF Elk offering twenty years 100% coverage protection from the shingle failing prematurely for shingles without lifetime warranties and fifty years 100% coverage warranties on lifetime shingles. This warranty covers the whole roof system; more than just the shingles and tears off is included when there is a manufacturing defect in the shingle. The following link will illustrate the difference between the conventional warranty offer the one from Certified Contractor who applies their shingles

Warren Roofing has been around for many years. We are committed to providing services to the area for the long term. Roofing is very challenging due to extreme weather conditions, so roofers who can span the test of time are the successful ones.

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In most industries, the success of any business is based on services. What do we offer you? We offer the best roof for your money. If you don’t have to replace your roof as frequently then in the long run you will save money. We offer you better protection from a product failure. The better the protection from roof failure due to a manufacturer’s defect will save you money in the long run. If something goes terribly wrong such as an accident or property damage caused by a contractor, are you protected? Warren Roofing has full liability that includes water ingress and allows us to apply torch on the membrane. Warren Roofs thinks of all these aspects of service.

Home Improvement
Building a New home – Warren offers many options for making your house stand out.
Wide Variety of Roof Types – asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and shingles, metal roof systems, torch on roof systems.

Immediate Emergency Repairs.

Standard Roof Maintenance and inspections.
Home Improvement
Home Improvement

Warren Roofing offers you the choice when re-roofing. We will give you a price on the basic product and an intermediate product. We can also give you options for a roofing product that will set your home apart from other homes. It is a good idea to improve upon what you have when doing a home renovation such as re-roof. The increased value to a homeowner in the enjoyment of their home and the desirability upon selling a home to potential buyers should be incentive enough. When replacing a roof, it is my advise for the client to pick the best option for their satisfaction or the potential satisfaction for the next owner. Knowing that they will benefit completely from the manufacturer warranty would be a great selling feature. Being a certified contractor with GAF Elk, the warranty we offer you will benefit the next owner fully. Unlike most warranties, the transfer is 100% transferable at no cost to the next owner of the house. This peace of mind may seal the deal on any sale in the future.

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Building A New Home

When building a new home, the homeowner should question:

What is my budget?
What kind of roof will serve me best?
What roof will look best on my home?
How long will I be living in my new home?
When and if I sell my home will my roof be a selling feature?
A roof depending on its pitch can dominate the exterior appearance of the home. Most clients don’t realize the impact the appearance of the roof can make on their home until they actually start shopping for one. With the GAF Elk shingle a shingle known for its appearance.

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